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Tri-County Tactical Training and Gear believes in innovation, we have invested in a state of the art mobile shooting range that can fixed in place or be relocated to a suitable location for firearms training.

State of the art Mobile Facility


Tri-County Tactical Training and gear have invested in a state of the art mobile training center manufactured by Action Target and Mancom Industries. These trailers are designed to be set in place or capable of being moved to select location for all training needs.

Shooting lanes


Each trailer is set up for 3 shooting lanes, and is fully programmable to almost all shooting situations. Each lane is 30 feet deep and is set to stop the 5.56 x 45mm round (modern AR sporting rifle). Air and heating, and proper ventilation is used to make your training experience as comfortable as possible. 

Train with the best


Our training facility will incorporate the Ti Training simulation software. This will increase the students real life shooting situations with programmable scenario situations that our current military and law enforcement use to teach shoot/don't shoot situations. This simulation software allows the student to fully enter each scenario with true shoot back technology. 

Tri-County Tactical Training & Gear

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